For the Sake of Zion is a wonderful road map to one of the great journeys of human history – the return of the Jewish people to Israel. Dr. Tuvia Book combines the head of a knowledgeable expert with the heart of a passionate educator to produce a volume rich in facts, ideas, and creative pedagogy.


“For the Sake of Zion is extremely informative. The book inspires students to delve deeper into vital historical subjects for the Jewish people and the Zionist enterprise. This is indeed an important project.” 

— Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


“Tuvia Book has written a fascinating and informative survey of Zionism from its early days to the present. This book is an important addition to the existing educational material.” 

— Sir Martin Gilbert, Oxford

“It is a splendid work, enlightening, full of important information, well-organised and beautifully produced. I need hardly say how valuable a contribution it is, given the sad state of disinformation and demonisation of Israel in so many circles today. I congratulate you on it and hope it is widely read and reflected on.”

- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks


Tuvia is an active blogger for The Times of Israel.